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We take serious pride in being the finest Northwest Indiana Custom Home Builder. Our team is comprised of some of the most highly educated, trained and certified professionals who work with you every step of the way. We are trusted by homeowners to build and renovate some of the finest projects in Northwest Indiana.

You have expectations when building or renovating - expectations about the process and your final product. Exceeding expectations for our clients is what makes CK Building and Design shine for prospective clients. We don't just build, we build lifestyles. From sumptuous master suites to exquisite detailed trim, CK Building and Design brings a dedication to homebuilding that goes unmatched in today's world. This commitment to excellence has resulted in some of the finest homes that reflect quality and distinction. With more education, training and 20 plus year's experience, your single most investment is safe. CK Building and Design Corporation has the knowledge to build your dreams and stay around for years to come. Do not trust your investment to anyone that says they have experience. You need to trust a builder that can show you they have the experience to ensure your investment is safe now and into the future.



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Our clients will always be our first commitment and their investment will never be taken for granted. To affirm this commitment, we work to limit our footprint and utilize recycled materials throughout the construction and renovation of our projects. This commitment to (increase) "Green" building practices, (decrease) wasteful use of materials, and our "ENERGYSTAR" partnership pushes CK Building and Design Corporation to the forefront of buildings (comma, looks like a period), home construction, (custom kitchens, and home design.)

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Whether you are planning on building a (new, custom) home, renovating your existing home, or are in need of interior (and/or) exterior design, CK Building and Design Corporation's commitment will offer you the peace-of-mind you have been searching for (when looking for your builder.)

Crown Point, St. John, Lake County, Porter County, Schererville, Dyer, Cedar Lake, Unincorporated, Hebron, Hobart, Valparaiso

"CK Building and Design is dedicated to continually advancing money saving, energy efficient, and progressive building techniques. We have the most talented, educated, and highly trained team available in Northwest Indiana. We offer the experience of financial and personal understanding, listening to our clients needs, and will remain committed to providing a true picture of cost, time, and exceptional services during, and after your project is completed."

Cory Kreith, Owner