CK Building and Design Corporation is made up of some of the most highly qualified, trained and educated professionals in the building trades today. At the helm of CK Building and Design Corporation is Cory Kreith, a 2nd Generation homebuilder with real-world situational hands-on experience.

Cory's knowledge of construction was honed for many years working for his fathers framing and homebuilding company. While working, Cory was able to learn the finer aspects of building from some of the finest craftsman, especially his father. After graduating with his degree from Butler University in Indianapolis, Cory returned north with new tools to utilize. CK is made up of highly educated, trained and certified professionals who work with you every step of the way. We will help guide you through the entire process with careful explanation, eliminating unexpected surprises that can take the fun out of building a new home.

As a full-service Master homebuilder, we will help you with any need you may have for your new design. We can handle any request with construction design, interior design or we can work with your own design team. Either way, we offer value-conscious service coupled with the top quality craftsmanship that custom homes deserve. And once your home is built, our Custom Care program can provide you with concierge-like service with everything from landscaping to monthly inspections to lighting and thermostat maintenance.



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"I have been doing this for over XX years!" is the most heard statement from most homeowners. How do you really choose your builder? Do you trust your friends? Family? Do you get testimonials from previous clients?

All of these are great reasons to choose someone, however can your builder show that he/she has taken time to learn the craft of building homes?
The ultimate symbol of the building professional, the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation is for experienced veterans only. Prior to being accepted into the GMB program through the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), you must hold a previous professional designation or have a minimum of 10 years of building experience. GMB courses are more advanced with in-depth instruction geared for experienced building professionals.

The Master Builder designation is not for everyone and not everyone can earn this title. According to the National Association of Homebuilders there are more than 15 Million homebuilders in the United States yet only 453 have earned the title of Graduate Master Builder.

- Indiana has only 23 certified Master Builders
- Only 2 builders in the Lake/Porter Counties have received the GMB

Don't just trust a referral when it comes to building your dreams, trust someone who has taken the time to learn the fine craft of homebuilding, trust CK Building and Design.


Ensuring your investment is key to CK Building and Design. Our approach to homebuilding is an effective "Team" system. We require and enforce each professional working on your project to complete each task according to manufacturer's recommended installation practice. This allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive accountability program

Each of our Teams are encouraged to attend as many continuing education seminars dealing with programs such as installation, warranty, and business. CK Building and Design works directly with the Team Leaders at enforcing accountability and ensuring installation and education compliance. This level of education for the Teams provides you with the most qualified work in your home.