Everyone dreams of having their new home exactly as they wanted it and very few homes are ever built exactly as as they had originally started. By utilizing the most advanced technology, we offer the finest design services available to give you some insight into how your home can appear. CK Building and Design Corporation prides itself on including design possibilities on for every customer to envision their project completed.

These projects entail combining details from site selection and design, home architecture design, interior and exterior design, and furnishings. No other building firm offers the comprehensive package found at CK Building and Design Corporation. We offer countless services on all of the projects we build and renovate.



Many clients decide to take advantage of our numerous design elements. CK Building and Design offer:

Exterior Design | Interior Design | Selections | Color Selections | Landscaping Design

No matter your needs, rest assured CK Building and Design will be there to help you each step of the way.



CK Building and Design is here to support and advise you throughout every stage of designing your newl project. In this column, we wil outline the main phases of the design process and outline how we can help you achieve your vision. This is only a guide, as the various stages described may vadepending on the nature of your proposed project.

1. Initial Consultation

During your Initial Consultation, we will sit down and work through the CK Building and Design Project Assessment. The assessment will allow us to begin thinking about home type, style, what you need in a home, size, amenities, homesite requirements, location, and much more.

2. Establish Project Guidelines

A comprehensive written project guideline prepared, encompassing all aspects and stages of the design process will be provided.

3. Site Requirements

A complete assessment of the homesite is completed to determine lighitng needs as well as initial passive energy technology demands.

4. Conceptual Design

Initial designs are created using information gathered from the previous three guidelines. We will develop a set of drawings based on your building projectCreated using ChiefArchitect, these include both floor plans and elevations so you can begin to get a feel for how your peoject will look. Included in your initial designs is a full 3D elevation in full color

5. Working Drawings

Once the concept design has been finalized, we are ready to begin working on the actual plans your home will be constructed. These fully dimensioned plans and elevations are more detailed than the concept plans and specify every aspect of how the structure is assembled.

6. Energy Assessment

The final assessment before building is begun is a thourough Energy Star Assessment of your project.

7. Begin Construction