Building your sense of unique!

Every home built by CK Building and Design Corporation is a unique look into their individual needs, wants and desires in a new home. We work very hard to ensure your new home is everything you want it to be. 100% of the homes we build are personalized design-build projects which means they are designed around the homesite and our clients. Our design team works with you each step of the way offering suggestions and incorporating your needs into your design.

Not everyone can visualize from a notepad! The models depicted below allow our clients to visually look at certain styles and design elements. Please refer to the Design Page to learn more about our custom home design services. These are not meant to be built as-is, however, they certainly could provide a great starting point to see what your style may be.  These homes depicted are to serve as a general understanding of type of home relative to price.

We have designed numerous homes over the past years and would love to help you narrow down your choices by having you visit us to search through our designed plan inventory.

In addition to our home plans, we also work with such designers as Design Basics based in Nebraska to provide our clients another avenue to help search for design and layouts.  We are involved in their Builder Centric Gold Program which allows us to utilize their plans as a starting point in the design process.  We feel this will allow our clients to have another avenue to help expedite their personal design.

Let us help you create your next dream home.

These are only a few of the homes in our collection.  We have been designing for many years and have well over a couple hundred plans in our databse.  I'm sure we can help determine a starting point for your project.  Why not plan a visit so we can show you our complete collection.

To View Homeplans, we recommend downloading the latest PDF viewer for your computer.