Renovation and Remodeling

Have you been considering updating your home with the latest technology and design?

Is it time to replace the "standard" options and remodel your bathroom with new cabinets, granite countertops, and travertine flooring? Or has your career made a home office a necessity? real-world situational hands-on experience.

Let our design experts discuss with you the opportunities that can add convenience and function to your lifestyle while adding value to your home. It's important to consider combining your desires with value-added changes. This is where our experience and knowledge can provide assistance with your decisions. Our experts will educate you on the remodeling process as well as work with you on the smartest and most efficient ways to remodel or renovate your home. We will provide you with material options, timely schedules, cost effective budgets and superior customer service to make your renovation or remodel easy and timely.

Have you found yourself in the perfect location and unwilling to move but your house no longer accommodates your lifestyle? Or have you finally had the opportunity to purchase in a highly-desirable neighborhood but the house doesn't suit you? Our extensive background in home design, custom home building, lot re-development and complete tear-down and rebuild will provide you with an all-inclusive partner to guide you through the rebuilding process. We have the ability to design and build your custom home; work with your architect and turn your plans into your next home; or walk you through one of our time-tested collection of floor plans to consider building on your existing lot. Our flexibility and innovation will merge your perfect location with your dream home.

All the rules change for contractors!


With the possibility of extreme sickness, keeping your family safe is very important to us and we want to ensure that everything we do on your renovation/remodeling project is the safest and clean environment we can create. On March 9, 2010, Cory Kreith received his Individual "Lead Renovator" Certification. This certification is a requirement to wok on any homes that were built pre 1978.

Your families health, your children's health are no laughing matter and even small amounts of lead can lead to large problems down the road. Here are some statistics available:

Year Home Was Built

Before 1940

1940 - 1959

1960 - 1978

All Housing Nationwide

Percent of Houses with
Lead Based Paint





These statistics were provided by the EPA.

Projects that do not utilize a certified "Lead Renovator" can be subject up to more than $65,000.00 in fines per day. Don't risk your families health to just any contractor. Get a "Certified Lead Renovator" for you job.